10 December 2013

Craigslist Finds

Morning dolls!
It's cold and snowy here today, but at least the sun is shining!
I spent some quality time last night with my bff Craigslist 
and I found the most gorgeous bedroom set!
Way out of my price range, and I really would only want the bed and chaise, 
but it still stopped me in my tracks.
So beautiful!
Check out the bed...
 Ok. Immediately that horrid bedspread needs to go.
But then what if all that canning was painted gold and the interior was a creamy grey?
I want I want!
Don't think for one second that the furniture hoarder in me didn't try and scheme a way to get all of this pretty on over to my house.
Here's the rest of the pieces.
The old lady in me kind of likes the hand painted details.
Don't judge.
Am I crazy for liking this?
If I bought it would I have to start collecting Hummel figurines and put plastic on all my furniture?


  1. so interesting!! I do like them as well! You are not crazy....and it would be amazing to have the entire set.

    1. The only thing stopping me from getting them (aside from the 4g price tag) is the part of the listing that says "bed is unusual size". Um? Glad to know at least one other person likes them too, thanks lady :)

  2. I love the painted details actually! And with proper styling and more 20th century bedding, these pieces can truly shine!

  3. I do like all of these pieces - but one per room would be enough. I think that would eliminate the need for plastic slipcovers!