14 November 2012

Newest Obsession: My Chic Nest

Morning darlings!
You know when you go to a really good party and they have a dessert buffet?
Like, a good one, with tons of tiny adorable chocolates and mini cheesecakes and 
cream puffs and mini fruit tortes?
 And you can't decide so you eat all of them, like a thousand calories worth, but you don't care cause they're so good?

Well, I've found that buffet, but in furniture form!
Say hello to My Chic Nest.....
So okay, I want like everything from this store.
What first caught my eye was the ottoman.
I mean, die.  It's gorgeous!

I think the reason I love it so much is 
because it reminds me of this picture of Nanette Lepore's home in Elle Decor,
which I might add,
 I have been ob-sessing hardcore over ever since I first saw it.

Also, this headboard makes me crazy it's so cute!
Don't you love the cut out?


The good thing about My Chic Nest is they have tons of color choices.
Go with green in a room like this...


Or try out their gorgeous velvet Blue Smoke,

maybe in a showstopper room like this..

 Or, take advantage of the pagoda like shape ( which I l.o.v.e!)
and put it in a Chinoiserie bedroom like this one from House Beautiful.

What other kind of fabulousness can you find there?
Well, these for one.

A little Lucite never hurt anyone.
Can you imagine how killer these would be at a kitchen island?
Especially in a small space!
Super especially in a small fabulous space like this one?
(if i had this kitchen and those stools i would totally put some red velvet cushions on 'em)

There are also takes on some famous designs
but without the famous price tags....

Milo Chair

Check out the detail on this sofa and try not to freak out.
Killer huh?
Imagine in a room like this...


And, ok I totally saved the best for last.
This is hands down, flat out, my absolute dream sofa.
I have always wanted a white tufted Chesterfield 
and every guy I have ever dated 
has wanted a *gasp* sectional.  
 Until I saw this, I had never actually seen a sectional I liked.
(why why why do they still sell those awful leather sectionals from art van? 
and if you are a single man, are you like, required by law to buy one?!)
Gorgeous huh?
I know I know.
I might be drooling.
I'm thinking in a room like this...

With some cutains like this..

And this rug...
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I now feel the need to immediately make my living room look like this.
head on over to My Chic Nest and check it out for yourself.
Totally fabulous, totally affordable!


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  1. Wow - who is the wonderful writer for My Chic Nest???