17 April 2014

ORC Week 3

Morning loves and welcome to ORC Week 3.
Week three of the ORC is the best because it rhymes 
and the worst because you are halfway through
and have now realized you are desperately behind schedule and a massive failure.
Or is that just me?
The drywall is still not finished because the hillbillys that built my stairwell
 apparently did not own a level.
It should be finished tomorrow though and that makes me super happy!
The stairs are all stripped and need to be planed and sanded down.
I briefly toyed with staining the floors a rich mahogany color
but after looking at about a zillion pictures of black stairs
I think I will stick with my original plan of painting them black.

 I die over this last photo!
 Hopefully my panel moulding will look that good when it's up!
The Lucite chandelier will go in Monday or Tuesday
and once it's up I can finally decide on the handrail.
I have one that I've already stained black and had planned on using until I saw this picture.
Do you love the railings?
Le sigh! SO lovely!
But is it too much next to this guy?
 My stairwell is so narrow I only have room for one rail
so I'm trying to decide what would give it the most appeal visually.
Any thoughts?
Hope you all that are also playing along have been having success this week!
I love checking out all of your progress!
 And if you're not doing your own ORC,
 please please go look at what the other ladies are up to!
So much inspiration!

10 April 2014

ORC Week 2 aka So far this is not fun

Thanks for stopping in today to check out my ORC progress.
In the past week I've accomplished lots including chipping all of my nails, 
burning myself with a heat gun,
smashing my shin with a pry bar and potentially giving myself lead poisoning.
(That last one is kind of a real concern.  
Why it did not occur to me that I live in a house from the forties and my stupid stairs are most definitely painted with lead I do not know. )

Aside from my various injuries 
I did manage to get the wood paneling ripped out and half the new drywall up.
So long hillbilly basement.  
 Thank you Jesus that when the old paneling came off there was not a spiders nest 
or a tiny disintegrating dead animal 
which is what I was terrified (logical huh) would be back there!

In case you would like to know how to hang drywall I will tell you.
Lure a tall, handsome man to your house.
Trap him in your basement.
Give him drywall.
Tell him he cannot come up until he is finished. 
Reward him with Thai carryout that is accidentally way to hot and makes him angry.
Tah Dah!
All jokes aside, I had never seen someone hang drywall before
 and it's not nearly as intimidating of a process as I thought it would be.

I also finished ripping all the linoleum off the stairs
and scraped all the old adhesive and residue off.
This is where the heat gun injury came from.
Let me just say that as a person who managed to knock herself unconsciuos 
and dislocate her finger merely by falling from an ottoman,
 I was concerned that a heat gun might be too risky for me.
I bought this one from Home Depot
because it was 
A) the cheapest and 
B) looked most like a hairdryer and therefore non-threatening. 
While it does take the paint off,
  it didn't seem to be any less time consuming then stripper 
and in the few spots that I had missed scrapping the adhesive up, it made it way worse. 
 Also I was terrified for the rest of the night that 
 there was some tiny, hot, lurking ember 
waiting to burn my house down while I was sleeping.
So for me, the heat gun was a loss and back that sucker went!

 Next to the door there is an awkward little area where the old milk chute used to be.
The previous (again, hillbilly ) owners closed up this opening 
by nailing a piece of weird laminate over it.
They also cemented it shut from the outside.
I can't decide whether or not to drywall over the opening
 or just drywall around it for now and eventually restore it.
Thoughts and advice please? 
So you can see what I'm talking about
 here is a picture of me making a double chin and pretending to use my pry bar.
The milk chute opening is behind me.

Please comeback next week when I will show you pictures of paint drying.
Jk Jk.
Next week we will look at pretty pictures of mouldings!
Go see what the rest of the ladies are up to here!